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Start of construction of administrative building

July 29, 2011

7/29/11 - start of construction of administrative household building 2219-01/23V West and 2219-01/23G South starting from the ground up. Construction includes installation of frames and installation of building envelopes. The total area of ​​the objects - 6912 sq m.

17/12/11 - completion of work and submission of the object: № 2219-01/23V West. 30/12/11 - completion of work and submission of the object: № 2219-01/23G South.

Final period: 7/29/11-12/30/11

On July 29th the company Volga Stroi Servis began the final stage of the project of constructing car body assembly plant for AvtoVAZ. We've built administrative household buildings (AHB-West and AHB-South). Works are carried out starting from the zero cycle including the installation of the frame and fences. The total area of buildings is 6912 sq m. Completion of the administrative household building will finish the global housing construction cycle for facility 01/23B. It has total area of ​​34,000 sq m and construction period of less than two years.