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Start of roofing works on facility 01/23B

May 3, 2011

05/03/11 - start of roofing works on facility 01/23B, the total area of ​​33,700 sq m.

11/15/11 - end and submission of work.

Final period: 05/02/11-11/15/11

May 3rd we started large-scale work of roofing the new car body assembly plant. The total work area is ​​33,700 sq m.

This project will show the company's willingness to perform not only complex but also intensive construction problems in the shortest possible time. Scheduled completion is on November 15th. In the course of roofing work our organization has entered into a supplementary agreement. According to it we will punch the holes, install monolithic sites and ducts. The end of work is scheduled for December 23th. Additional work is being done in parallel with the design.